Does visual studio 2008 support classic asp development?

It's been years since I created a classic ASP website and I was wondering if I can use my current toolset or if I have to resign myself to notepad.



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Yes, as others have mentioned, VS 2008 SP1 supports classic ASP.

However, if, like me, you find it a bit of a behemoth for the relatively simple classic ASP, give Notepad++ a try - no need to resign yourself to plain old Notepad!


I know VS 2008 now includes Intellisense and Debugging feature for classic ASP, so thats make me think Yes.

Be sure you get the Service Pack 1 version.

Yes, VS 2008 SP1 does support ASP. You need SP1 because they had removed some of the intellisense, but added it back in SP1

On a side note that might be relevant, Visual Studio 2010 also supports classic asp

This is a good reference for setting up a classic ASP site in Visual Studio 2008:

Additionally, I had to give "Everyone" access to the Virtual Directory in IIS that I setup in my local machine for it to run correctly:

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