I am new to flex and i am trying to run the code for flex drawing application example given at following path:

But I get the following error at the compile time:

''Unable to locate specified base class 'Whiteboard.WhiteboardManager' for component class 'Whiteboard.Whiteboard'.''

Please someone suggest me that why it is coming and how i can overcome this.I am using Flash player version 10 and flex 3.0 sdk for the project. Please help. Thanks in advance.

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You need to include the WhiteBoard.swc library in your project. If you're using Eclipse/Flex Builder go to project properties -> flex build path -> library path -> add swc. Or moving it to the libs folder should be enough. The sources for the component are not included in that demo as it is not a free component. I didn't see a demo version either, so unless you buy it, you probably won't be able to run those sources locally.


Sounds to me like your source paths aren't set up correctly. Have a read of this article to see how source paths are set up

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