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In emacs, how would one add the same text to multiple lines?



I have an HTML file that contains a bunch of links to an entire database. But the URLs are all written as:

<a href=/bw/examplefile.html>

When I try and use wget to download all of the links, I use the --base parameter to set the URL but it doesn't seem to work all that well. So, instead of fiddling with something I know I won't use again I just wanted to know how to add a URL to each link object easily in emacs.

I'm using Aquamacs on a Mac. Not sure if that makes all too much of a difference, but it may be useful info.



I expect the following is what you want, to turn your relative URLs into absolute URLs (and add the attribute quotes, which is a little nicer).

M-x replace-regexp RET <a href=\(.+?\)> RET <a href="\1"> RET

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