Is it possible to get notified (e.g. email) when the Google Play Developer Console receives a crash or ANR?



I use BugSnag (similar to BugSense, Bugify, etc.) to track and manage my Android application errors, however, I had a situation where the application crashed before BugSnag could be initialized so the only place to find this crash report was in the Google Play Developer Console crash report.

That's fine and dandy but I had to manually check the developer console to discover that there were errors that were NOT being caught by BugSnag (they don't make it obvious, by the way).

Is there a way to setup an email notification from the Google Play Developer Console when an error occurs?

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Google Play can send email only for Alerts, Not Crashes nor ANRs.

I have tried the accepted answer, and I received two crashes, but it didn't work.

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edit: As Malek pointed out this approach doesn't solve the problem.

In the developer console you can go to "Settings" then "Email preferences". There should be a section "Alerts" where you can choose "I want to receive alerts for ALL of my apps".

Alerts screenshot New Alert Feature screenshot

There weren't any crashes for my app since I changed the setting so I'm not sure if that helps.

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