I am trying to create a view in which the user selects an option from a drop down menu, submits it, and then some data is returned. Specifically, they will select from models in the database and have returned all of the instances of that class. I am using django-tables2 to output the data so that it is sortable, but this is my sticking point.

def output_form(request):
    results = None
    if request.GET.get('browse'):
        selection = request.GET.get('browse')

        class ModelTable(tables.Table):
            class Meta:
                model = selection

        results = ModelTable(selection.objects.all())
        RequestConfig(request, paginate={"per_page": 3}).configure(results)

    return render(request, 'projectdb/output.html', {
        'results': results,


<form method="GET">

    <select name="browse">




    <input type="submit" value="Submit" />


    {% if results != None %}
        {% render_table results %}
    {% endif %}

The error thrown is as in the title:

'unicode' object has no attribute '_meta'

I have tried converting the 'selection' unicode to a string, which throws basically the same error (str has no attribute _meta).

I would be very grateful for any help.

EDIT: For clarity, what I am trying to achieve:

User selects model from dropdown ---> selected model is passed to the table somehow ---> table is instantiated and returned to the page below the dropdown, with the data from the selected model

Was it helpful?


model attribute should reference django model class.

But inside the function output_form, selection reference a request.GET.get('browse'): str object.

class ModelTable(tables.Table):
    class Meta:
        model = selection # <----

Change the model attribute to correctly reference the model class.

BTW, extract the ModelTable class definition out of the view function.


Perhaps what you want is to translate your selection from a string to a model class. To do that, use the django.db.models.get_model function, e.g.:

selected_model = get_model('myapp', selection)

IMHO, defining dynamically your table class as you done does not hurt readability.

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