I've implemented Sitecore Social Connector to Login to my site using Facebook authentication as below:

ConnectUserManager connectUserManager = new ConnectUserManager();
if (!AuthenticationManager.GetActiveUser().IsAuthenticated)
  connectUserManager.LoginUser("Facebook", true, (string)null);
  connectUserManager.AttachUser("Facebook", true, (string)null);

It's able to authenticate for a few Facebook users. But, for some of them I get


Username and password provided are correct. Any idea on what might go wrong here?

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I had the same issue. How I resolved it? - I realized that my fb account had invalid email. So I set real email to my account, I try to login, and the magic happened. The bad thing here is that we cannot see the error message for that anywhere in the newtwork queries. So, if some users are logged in, this means that your module works. For these that are not able to login, they have some invalid data in their profiles.

What next? - How to catch and show the appropriate error message to the client? - maybe some pipeline or smth else... Will see :) - Good Luck!

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