I have an object like this:

public class adapterContext {
    public HttpRequest Request;
adapterContext ac = new adapterContext();
ac.Response = context.Response;

I pass this object to my functions and use ac.Request[""] to get my url variables. However this somehow does not translate national/special characters correct. When I use f.ex this as part of the URL: prospectName=Tester+%e6+%f8+%e5

I get "Tester ? ? ?"

From the debugger I get: ac.Request["prospectName"][7] 65533 '�' char

Anyone have any idea how I should fix this?

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there's a nice function, you should take care of: HttpUtility.UrlDecode(string, Encoding) ... otherwise you need to adjust the globalization setting in your web.config (requestEncoding, responseEncoding ...)

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