Has anyone out there hacked up ExpressionEngine (CMS) to work with SQLite? If so, any good tips or guides on how to do so?

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I don't know of any Expression Engine 1.6 that has been modified to support SQLite; however, the next version (2.0) is based on the CodeIgniter framework which has a DAL which supports many databases. Here is a post from an Ellis Labs employee confirming this.


Given that it's proprietary software under copyright and not available (so far as I can tell) under an F/OSS license, tightly tied to MySQL (no other dbs supported and you can't run MySQL in strict mode, meaning they rely on nonstandard extensions) I don't think you're going to find what you are looking for.

Even if someone had done it for their own use it would look an awful lot like a derivative work (though I suppose you could try to claim it was a parody) and distributing it would be a copyright violation.

Why don't you contact the vendor and offer to shell out some $$? Or look into a F/OSS alternative? There are (*cough*) several of them out there.

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