i'm learning php at the moment and i wanted to make a car hire system to challenge myself a bit.

Now i am stuck with a validation question, i got 5 diffrent cars and want to check if the car is available at the dates the user submitted.

my database table got a startdate, enddate, car and a id

This is what i'm trying to get working:


$date1 = $_POST["startdate"];
$date2 = $_POST["enddate"];
$car= $_POST["car"];

$qry1 = "SELECT * FROM hire WHERE startdate between '{$date1}' and '{$date2}'
SELECT * FROM hire WHERE enddate between '{$date1}' and '{$date2}'";

$qry2 = "SELECT * from hire WHERE car = '{$car}'";

$results = mysql_query($qry1, $bd);
$results2 = mysql_query($qry2, $bd);
$row  = mysql_num_rows($results);
$row2  = mysql_num_rows($results2);

if ($row && $row2 > 1 ){
   die("it twerks");

else {
  //do stuff\

now it says its always available.


start and enddate are DATE fields format is Y-m-d.

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Hey Sorry for the late response. I have done something similar but for a bed and breakfast, Room reservation system.

Please kindly start by normalizing your database properly.

you can have three tables such as Car, Hire, or Person. your car table, can have all the description of your vehicle. Person table can have all the description of the person hiring the car. your hire table will reference the car_id and person_id. It will also have you start_date and end_date. So like this.

  • car table.

car_id (primary key), car_color (text), Car_make(text)


  • Person table

** person_id (primary key) person_name (text) person_telephone (text)

Hire table Hire_Id(auto_increment) person_id (foreign key) car_id (foreign key) start_date (date) end_date (date)

$Query="SELECT r.* FROM car r WHERE r.car_id NOT IN ( select b.car_id from hire b where NOT (b.end_date< '2014-08-15' or b.start_date>'2014-08-12')) order by r.car_id;"

This return all available cars


First you want to consolidate all of your query logic to find overlapping reservations into one query without unions. The below should return available cars for the specified date range.

FROM hire
  startdate  NOT BETWEEN '{$date1}' AND '{$date2}' OR
  enddate    NOT BETWEEN '{$date1}' AND '{$date2}' OR
  '{$date1}' NOT BETWEEN startdate  AND enddate    OR
  '{$date2}' NOT BETWEEN startdate  AND enddate

Second, you cannot take shortcuts with logic statements like this:

if ( $row && $row2 > 1 )

It must be written like:

if ( $row > 1 && $row2 > 1 )

Third, yadda yadda don't use mysql_*() functions. [See the pedantry in the comments on your question.]

I recommend PDO. It supports more database systems than just mySQL, and MySQLi has some really strange syntax.

You can also directly use MySQL comparison functions on DATETIME columns:

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