After MSbuild has built my solution (with an website), and the webdeployment project has built and put the website in the directory _PublishedWebsites:


How do I copy this to the fixed directory where IIS points to for the test website?

I have found loads of code snippets, but I cannot seem to find one that will take into account the fact that this directory name changes.

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This is pretty easy. You can edit the project and insert something similar to the following.

<Target Name="AfterBuild">
  <!-- Create an item with all the output files -->
    <_OutputFiles Include="$(OutputPath)**\*" Exclude="$(OutputPath)obj\**\*" />
  <!-- You probably don't want to include the files in the obj folder so exclude them. -->

  <Message Text="OutputDest : $(OutputDest)" />
  <Copy SourceFiles="@(_OutputFiles)"

Is this what you are looking for?

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I'm using different technique.


The c:\BinariesForIis\ will be used for direct output compiled binaries (before copy to ...\Daily_20090519.3\Release_ ...).

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