I'm running Windows Vista on my development machine... tried four SMTP servers so far (2 crashed, 2 turned out to be trial ware after being promoted as "free"). So I don't have IIS6 SMTP available.

Do you know any simple, hassle-free SMTP server that I can use? I need absolutely no bells and whistles. All it needs to do is listen on port 25 and send off emails.


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Free SMTP Server is a simple and small SMTP server. It always forwards emails to recipents. That's all.

Check out Lamson, an SMTP server in Python.

You can hardly get freer or simpler than pysmtp

Install sendmail in a virtual ubuntu machine and send email through that.

In Windows XP, there's a "SMTP service" in the IIS category under 'Add/Remove Windows Components' - not sure if Vista has that too.

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