Does anyone know where can I find recent data on PHP4 vs PHP5 "market share", that is, what percentage of servers on the Internet have PHP5 installed?

I found this but it's from 2008:

I also checked but I don't think they have something like that.


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When posting the question I forgot that I can compile my own stats which for me would be even more relevant than some global "market share" data. I'm selling a PHP script and I have the site urls of the people who buy or trial my software so I can easily do an automated "survey". Currently the PHP versions supported by the script are 4.3+. The actual distribution of PHP versions, however, got me surprised (pleasantly). Out of 176 sites that I pinged, 7% were running PHP4, 3% - PHP 5.1 and the rest 90% - 5.2.4+, which I think is quite nice for anyone thinking about developing just for PHP5.

Of course, my data may be scewed - my users are mostly based in US and are more tech-savvy than the average. Someone with wider target market may have different results but I think the trend is good :)

Oh, and it's worth noting that from 176 sites, precisely 2 (two) were running Windows even though my software works just fine on it :)


You can find up-to-date statistics in W3Techs: Click on the versions to drill down.

GoPHP5 lists the web hosts and projects that support PHP 5.2+

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