Can i create a stand alone window application in eclipse using java, which later can be convert into an .exe file?
please help me regarding this issue

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Yes, there exist "Ahead-of-Time" compilers such as GNU compiler for Java which serve this purpose.
There are also commercial products such as Excelsior Jet.

You can create an executable jar, and then wrap it into an exe using launch4j

IMO your best option is something like izpack2exe - it creates an exe wrapper around a jar file, making it look like a native app to Windows users.

Yes, You can create your application into an executable one by using JAR. For that your project convert into a executable jar file. It runs your application like other normal applications.

yes why not you can create stand alone application by using eclipse and you can create jar of this application .

you can create .exe file by using jar wrapper software it is an open source software.

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