I have a closed source Java application for which vendor has provided APIs for customization. As I have no other documents, i rely completely on the API's javadoc.

I want to trace what methods are actually called in different classes for a particular use case. Is there any way to do that with eclipse?

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Most profilers (like YourKit and JProfiler) support Eclipse integration.

JadClipse is a plug-in that allows you to decompile classes using jad, decompilation is available at the time of debugging.

There are some limitations, jad doesn't support java-5, and try catch functions don't always align nicely, but it can give you a good idea of whats going on inside.

See this thread too is-jad-the-best-java-decompiler

You need to use eclipse TPTP (

Personally I would use VisualVM or Netbeans profiler if possible

Java Decompiler has an Eclipse plugin, supporting Java 6, and works pretty well to decompile source and see what's inside the class files while debugging.

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