I have an InfoPath 2010 form that I've created to submit data into an Access 2010 database. One specific element being captured is an employee ID. So, the database may have multiple records of the same employee ID.

I have a second table in the database, that contains every employee ID in one column and their name in another.

If the user is creating a record for employee ID 987, how do I add a textbox to this form that will read the corresponding name found in table 2?

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Here I am using this procedure in fetching data from list. Try whether its working for Ms Access

If you need to fetch data using infopath2010 then use following condition

In the Rules add Action

Under Run these action add Set field value

In field box select where fetch details wand to display (i.e which txt box)

Click Calculted value (fx) in value

In that click insert field or group and select Show advance view

Under field select which table you need to fetch the data

Select the field which you need to display in the selected txt box and using filter condition filter the data using secondary table employee id= employee id in main field

Secondary table will visible in infopath form only if you get connected with that using manage data connection in infopath

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