My project is a simple web application. It is created from Visual build-in template. When I try to open ASP.NET configuration or default.aspx, IE always goes to IIS Windows page. I have tried this operation using VS2010 and VS2012. The same issue occurred under both IDEs. I have checked "Use Visual Studio Development server" is checked and debug switch is open in web.config file.

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Solution 2

After several tries, I have found the issue is browser-related. On my own development machine(Windows 8.1 Enterprise 64bit, Internet Explorer 11), the issue occurs in IE only, but not in Chrome. With some comparison, it seems IE will redirect <a class="level1 static" href="Default.aspx" tabindex="-1">Home</a> inside a <ul role="menuitem"><li></li> ... </ul> to start page of default web site of IIS namely IIS Windows web page, Chrome will goto expected home page of current web site.


try to install iis Express Version or uncheck Your mentioned option to use Cassini

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